metasubcibertrans by victoria sinclair



Metasubcibertrans is a mutant hybrid who has been created by a group
of mystics (technomagos) to be an interface between the technological
and the human experience.

Half computer, half human, Half female, halfe male
Metasubcibertrans speaks a hybrid European language and
tongues of esoteric transcendental spiritualist doctrines
merged whit binary.

Half conscious; half programmed, Metasubcibertrans has been created
to find answers and recount astonishing experiences from the technophysical

when summoned Metasubcibertrans leaves his/her physical
shell and through a trance it is able to become a medium where
fragments of his/her hybrid consciousness bubble to the surface.

Consciousness and programming become intermingled in a unique
why; This cyborg is able to explain social and virtual realms from
hes her special position.

The machine/person that exists is a unique representation of the physical and virtual able to give us insight into the world we live
in from a new vantage point.

Normally Metasubcibertrans lives in a Bricolab – a conceptual and
physical space, where the entity speaks as an intermediary for technomagos (technoshamans) and the virtual, technological, physical, psychological and mental planes. In this series of interviews and rituals held at the Goldschlager Institute, Florianopolis a group of European researchers were permitted
to join an audience whith Metasubcibertrans as he/she was booted
up to receive the unique transmissions that are astounding and educating academics, policymakers and inquisitive parties from all over the world. We were lucky enough to capture a few
exampless of Metasubcibertrans’ more lucid states. The following footage gives a small introduction to these informed and impulsive musings from the unique entity.

Here, in a network first interview Metasubcibertrans talks of the experience of transformation to its physical and mental state as we witness it. The entity also describes Open Source Software, Proprietary Software, metareciclagem (meta-recycling), Cyber Feminism, submidialogia and the need for greater involvement and appropriation by marginalised groups of digital culture.


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